Strandkorb mieten am Schönberger Strand/Kalifornien

Rent a beach chair in Schönberg/ Kalifornien

Schönberg in Schleswig-Holstein is an idyllic town right on the Baltic Sea, which attracts many visitors from Germany and abroad every year. Schönberg is a popular travel destination, especially in summer, as the town has a long sandy beach and a beautiful coastline. Another highlight in Schönberg are the beach chairs that are set up along the beach. These baskets provide the perfect place to relax and enjoy ocean views. Schönberg is a perfect place for a relaxing holiday on the beach. Visitors can enjoy the sun here, swim in the ocean, or simply enjoy the wonderful views of the sea and surrounding countryside. Book your beach chair on Schönberg Beach and on the “California” beach section today via the BeachNow app and start your vacation relaxed!